"I know Gottfried since the beginning of 2007, when he, through mediation of a mutual friend, at first asked me for advice and help. More meetings followed this first one and since then an increasingly closer and trusting collaboration developed, from which both of us are benefitting for years now. Today we are connected through a deep friendship.


"Since I got to know Gottfried I had the opportunity to attend his very recommendable and challenging seminar on ‘Finances’ multiple times. Because we are meeting fairly regular for some years now, I also gain from his insights and personal experiences in regards to a biblical approach to finances on a continual basis. The challenge is truly nothing less than embracing a paradigm shift. I experience the application of Gottfried’s biblical profound consulting in the financial field as increasingly liberating and beneficial. I can only recommend his teaching, consulting and coaching wholeheartedly.


"Gottfried is a very humble man, whom I experience as truthful, consequent, trustworthy, authentic and reliable – no matter the cost. A man of high integrity. I appreciate his continual openness towards God, that he lives a life hearing from God and putting into practice what God tells him. Not only do I consider his total abandonment to the Lord to be contagious and encouraging in these times, but also remarkable, considering God’s call on his life – to proclaim biblical truth in regards to finances prophetically in all clarity, which is quite unpleasant for most recipients. That’s why Gottfried experiences much and strong headwind, opposition, rejection and contempt.


"I am grateful to Gottfried for his courage to stand for God’s truth and righteousness! May the Lord bring about the much needed paradigm shift in the financial realm, even and especially through Gottfried's contributions."


Jens Warnholtz, Management Consultant, Certified Sociologist, and Businessman – Wentorf, Hamburg, Germany


"Gottfried has consulted within our organisation for almost two years. He challenges, guides, supports and cares for those whom he works with, as he coaches them towards a greater personal freedom in today’s financial system. He models a Christian love, which extends far beyond his 'professional' requirement. It is inspirational to observe Gottfried’s personal daily walk, which mirrors his message and reflects his close relationship with our Lord and Saviour. I personally have had the good fortune of attending several of Gottfried’s seminars on 'Paradigm Shift – Finances', and recommend them highly. It is our individual responsibility to take this message and test it before God. In many instances, after grappling with a particular financial challenge from Gottfried, I have been challenged by God, and after amending my ways, have been blessed with a new freedom, which I previously thought was not possible. Using the tools of Gottfried’s message, it is in the seeking of God, that we find clarity and the understanding to guide us in today’s worldly financial system. As we do this with open hands and minds, we can begin to experience the blessings He holds for us. And we can better understand the privilege of serving the Almighty King, who is relevant in ALL that we do today."


Gary Prothero, Owner and Managing Director of CSI Group of Companies – Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa


"When I first picked Gottfried up at the airport (Nov 2008) I had little idea of the dramatic change it would make to my life and business. It was one of those 18 hour rushed days where a friend had asked me to get one hour to listen to Gottfried and see if there was a message for our church and country at this time. What was to be a squeezed one hour became one of the most challenging four hours I have had, which the day stopped for and I left him back at the airport at the latest minute knowing God had spoken.


"Our business is a kingdom business no doubt. We are here for Gods glory and nothing else no doubt. This pulsates how we work and has been a source of Gods life and presence with us. We thought we were radical, but looking back we were naïve at best in terms of working this out and the spiritual forces at play in business and in the money arena. Intentions were brilliant, knowing how to work it out, well – God sent Gottfried to help us with that. We asked Gottfried to come back at his earliest next slot and the paradigm shift began. What a sense of freedom and joy in God it has led to, together with major changes in business structure, planning, thought and action. Since that time we have had numerous visits and discussions and have begun to see life and business in a whole new way. It has lead to the most freeing and exciting relationship with God in all of life.


"The battle for sure is still there. The issues which we grapple with still seem enormous, but there is a God given set of tools and weapons with which we face them and stay centered in the peace and love, which God intended. I think the ripple effect of that first meeting with Gottfried and changes God began to bring about through that will echo to eternity and we are very grateful to God for His faithfulness and to Gottfried for his dedication to Gods kingdom and openness to hearing and staying strong in sharing even when his message is not comfortable or wanted."


Peter Cunningham, Owner and Managing Director of Sondelani Ranching PVT Ltd. – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe