After working as a financial controller for multi-national, global acting corporations for 15 years, I ended my professional career in the industry in December 1993 to follow God's call into a whole new adventure. 


As a result, my family and I lived, learned, studied, served and worked in England, Scotland, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa from early 1994 to late 2006. God's calling for my life became very clear during this time. It is about the assistance in a paradigm shift in the finance area, i.e., how to view and handle money in personal, business, and public context based on His Word.


As a consequence, at the end of the last millennium God began to show me (as He probably shows others, too) how much the world’s financial system, which is the foundation of all economies in the world, contradicts His perfect instructions and values for man. Since then, I share my revelations and understanding in lectures, seminars, personal or even corporate consultations.


With our relocation to Germany at the end of 2006, I began to pursue this vocation as a freelancer (an alphabetical list of the diverse clientele I had the pleasure of working with/for can be seen here). I have also been blessed to share my insights and understanding in a book titled 'Money ... The Great Deception', published at the end of 2018 (more on that here).


In mid 2015 we moved to Horsham/UK where I am furthermore working as the CFO/Finance Director of a small but worldwide operating UK-based company.