C - Coaching (Mentoring)

Coaching (Mentoring) is perhaps the most intensive of my offers and requires a solid foundation of trust. It adds a different dimension to consulting. Whereas as a consultant I am fulfilling more of an advisory role, hence helping with but not making the decisions, here it becomes a more classical two-way modus operandi.

I am committing myself to

  • pouring all my insight, knowledge, understanding and revelation of God's financial paradigm as an antithesis to the world financial system into you
  • while maintaining the highest level of integrity in protecting the confidentiality of your private/professional economical status and situation.

You are committing yourself to

  • being accountable to me regarding the financial area of your private/professional life for an agreed period of time, so that we can work together towards necessary changes and corrections.

As a consequence we will be walking a road together side by side for a specified period of time, a road of change and transition from a worldly approach to a Kingdom way, at the pace of your understanding and revelation. Together, we will be listening for the Lord’s direction for your life, your professional challenges or any other area of responsibility. Based on this I will coach you through seasons of change, support you in times of adjustments, challenges and difficulties, and advise and assist you in new ways to go, so that you will be able to enjoy the resulting blessing.
It's an adventure that presupposes commitment from both parties and an openness for each other and God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. However, at the end of it should stand a tremendous reward and freedom that can only be attained in the Kingdom of God and stands in stark contrast to the oppressive, manipulative, destructive, competitive and ruthless rat-race way of life the world has to offer.
This kind of involvement requires spending some quality time together. I have been privileged of walking such a road of change with some leaders from international corporations and organizations, as well as individuals in the church context in different countries.