B – Consulting

Consultations are usually a result of personal recommendations or seminars, lectures and talks. Thus far I have consulted to quite different companies, organizations, churches, congregations, educational groups, and individuals, right into government circles, in Africa and Europe.
Consulting means:

  • At first you and I will piece together a precise understanding of what the problems of the status quo are and what the desired target state should be.
  • Next we will contemplate and look at all this together based on God’s Word and His wise economic principles. This will allow us to find problem-solving approaches and ways that are tailor-made for you.
  • We will then develop a solid basis for decision-making. Here you will benefit from the expertise I have gained nationally and internationally over many years (see e.g. What Others Say)
  • Naturally, I will be on hand with help and advice for you as adaptations, adjustments, change in systems and procedures, restructuring processes, and the like are implemented – as a kind of 'Kingdom-soundboard' if you like.
  • If necessary and requested by you, I will connect you (where possible) with others I have worked with in the past.
  • As a matter of course you'll have my ear during the whole transition process (and even beyond)!

Goal of the consultation is for you to increasingly embrace God’s Kingdom paradigm, which enables sustainable success based on biblical principles. As a consequence of this process my clients were able to achieve an economic freedom that is neither offered nor promoted in common consultation context.