A – Seminar Info

Because of the intensity of the subject and material covered, it is important to choose a location for the seminar, where the attendees are able to listen undisturbed and free from their daily routine, and thus can participate actively. Please remember that the size of the group has direct bearing on the fervor and quality of people’s active participation. From experience individuals gain the most when the group size is between 10 and 20 attendees.

C O N T E N T S   (Themes covered)

(1)  Whom Do We Serve?
(2)  The World Financial System

  • Money – Interest – Banks – Inflation – Deflation

(3)  The World Financial System - Problems

  • Poverty And Injustice – Fiat Money – Fractional Reserve Banking – Growth Compulsion – Overdevelopments – Economical And Ecological Consequences – War And Capital Destruction

(4)  Searching for Answers

  • Back To Gold? – Debt Forgiveness? – Tested Systems, Possible Solutions – Successful Approach

(5)  A Paradigm Shift

  • Eternal Perspective – World System Or Kingdom Of God? – Ownership Or Stewardship? – The Issue Of Principles – Egypt Or Canaan? – The Power Of Money And The Spiritual Realm

(6)  Kingdom Approach

  • Financial Principles put in Biblical Perspective

(7)  Where Do We Go From Here?