A – Lectures & Seminars


Lectures/talks on topics relating to the essential paradigm shift in the financial, economic arena are a great way of stirring interest in that subject. Length of a lecture/talk as well as the audience can vary. So far I had the privilege of giving lectures to university students, business people, bankers, chartered accountants, cell groups, churches, congregations, school classes, teacher gatherings, at retreats, camps, Bible schools, business events, and in company contexts in various nations and continents.


Are you curious why our current monetary system is flawed, corrupt and unjust by design, leading always to exploitation, injustice and ultimately to destruction? Would you like to know how and why it effects you personally, your family, company or organization, in short, your sphere of influence, even the whole nation negatively? Are you willing to taking up the challenge of finding God's answers and solution to it all and how to implement this in your sphere of influence? If yes, then my seminar ‘Finances – A Paradigm Shift’ is a great entry into the subject.

A seminar can take anything between 1 to 2.5 days. Obviously, the chosen length determines the extend/depth of contents covered and the time available for discussions and talks. Information about the setup and the content covered in a full seminar (10 sessions of 1.5 hours each) can be found under the menu item 'A – Seminar Info' to the right.
Thus far I have had the pleasure of doing seminars for business people, corporations, educational training centers, churches, congregations, Bible schools, leadership schools, farmer communities, university students, other groups, but also individuals in various nations and continents.