What I Offer

We live undoubtedly in a time of increasing economic uncertainties and challenges. Worldwide. The financial crises covering and shaking our globe since 2008 brought a new destructive dynamic to a the world's finance system that so far seemed barely noticeable. Despite year-long efforts and constant assurances, worldwide organizations, politicians, national governments, 'system-relevant' financial institutions and the corporate sector have failed to find real and lasting solutions to stop this dilemma. How could they, considering that our finance system in its current setup is flawed and doomed for destruction and collapse – a fact that an ever so increasing number of economic experts and mathematicians are now confirming publicly. Against this backdrop the quest for sound and sustainable solutions is more than justified.


Perhaps you too would love to gain a better understanding of ...

  • how much and in what way our destructive world finance system controls your daily life, decisions, possibilities and opportunities relating to your private and professional context?
  • God's answers and solutions to all this?

To assist in this discovery process and the implementation of a healthy change – that's precisely my vocation. That is what I love and enjoy doing through lectures, seminars, consulting, and coaching. You can read a bit more detailed info on this under the relevant menu points.


Should any of this appeal to you and you'd like more information, then feel free to get in touch by using the ‘Contact Me’-form or by emailing directly to gottfried.hetzer[at]yahoo.com