"Gottfried Hetzer brings a message, which is both discomforting and challenging. His uncompro-mising stance is refreshing amongst the buttered up, lukewarm messages that are all too common in today’s world. Gottfried does not profess to hold all the answers for the challenges of operating in the financial system of today’s world. However his comprehensively researched message clarifies and directs us through God’s Word, enabling us to seek Him with understanding and hopefully inspired revelation."


Gary Prothero, Owner and Managing Director of CSI Group of Companies – Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa


"This book is a revolutionary work by Gottfried Hetzer. Revolutionary because we need a revolution in our paradigms so that we may know the truth, and eradicate deception. It is the most thorough book I have seen regarding how we have perceived money, and how we have allowed the mega system of money entrap us. To operate as ambassadors of the King and His Kingdom, it is important to be free from the systems of this world, and the reality that most systems are controlled by the spirit of Mammon. If you desire to know biblical truth on the subject of money, and to see how the systems of this world have influenced us towards the pursuit of mammon, I highly recommend this book."


Robert Ricciardelli, Founder of Converging Zone Network and host of the Converging Zone Show at the IBC Network – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA


"Today more than ever we need understanding, wisdom and insight into how God views things, so that we may know how to act in these unprecedented times, both in our personal and business lives. It is therefore timely that this book has been updated and reissued by Gottfried Hetzer. He has proven from experience not only to be prophetic but relevant in the provision of logical and biblical insights in the world of finance, economics and business.


"The experience of the current international economic situation reveals it is more than a blip and will impact us and our children for many years to come. Yet the wisdom of the present world G20 governments, their advisors, our economic and business experts seem only concerned to bringing us back, as soon as possible, to the status quo - an economic and financial system that is acknowledged as inherently flawed and unstable, even with new regulatory standards and proposed ethical changes. Why might this be so?


"As businessmen and women we have adopted and/or modified practices from the worlds financial and economic understandings to apply into the Christian context and have generally felt comfortable with our approaches to doing business for God.


"Gottfried Hetzer challenges these understandings and suggests there are other ways, which at first may seem extremely radical. However, in the Kingdom of God it is essential that we see, hear and understand God’s way of doing things, not that of the world. This book will help to lead you in this, but be prepared in reading it to have your business, financial and economic understandings or prejudices shaken."


Roger Ball, former UK President of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) – Leigh, UK, and Chairman of BRD Holdings Ltd., Broadbridge Heath, UK


"From the picture on the cover to the last page Gottfried Hetzer’s book and life testimony provide a trumpet call to our generation that God has offered us a massive freedom that we as Christians have replaced with our own plans and schemes. These not only enslave and entrap us but separate us from the tremendous relationship and provision we could know with our Father who loves us and would have so much more for us. In a time where people are facing unprecedented change and pressure it is an essential read to bring us back to the fundamentals on which we should base our lives and decisions. This has been literally a life changing book for those who have read it and been brave enough to hear Gods paradigm on the world view of money and His relationship with us."


Peter Cunningham, Owner and Managing Director of Sondelani Ranching PTV Ltd. – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


"Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”


"If we, as human beings, want to discover truth then we need the Holy Spirit. Because only the Spirit of Truth can lead us into all truth! And He is delighted to do so. The 'problem' is that this God-given revelation of truth can be quite unpleasant. Jesus always said the truth, which is why he was eventually nailed to the cross…


"Unpleasant truths can be found in all spheres of life, but especially so in the financial realm. Here is an example: Despite having accumulated $2.6 trillion in public debt (83% of its GDP) by the end of 2011, and counting, the world considers Germany a place of stability! The yearly interest due for this debt, $78 billion based on favorable conditions, is actually desperately needed for social projects and aspects. If the government would commit itself to stop making debt with immediate effect and reduce the accumulated debt by $1.3 billion a month, it would take 175 years to become debt-free! This, however, would only be possible if interest payments could be suspended instantly and the economy would grow significantly - year after year.


"Because the infinite God of the Bible entrusted a finite creation with finite resources to us, His children, to steward responsibly, this doesn’t work out. Especially so, since almost all nations in this world face the same self-inflicted dilemma Germany is confronted with.


"That we have to deal with an accumulated worldwide debt (public, corporate, and private sector) of about $200 trillion today is owed to the current monetary system, which allows these mind-boggling amounts to be created out of nothing (fiat money, fractional reserve banking, interest). The truth is that this artificial money creation is a huge illusion, which leads to expropriation and servitude for most people.


"So is there any hope? Yes, there is! Throughout human history the triune God revealed Himself time and again in hopeless situations in surprising manner in word and deed to those who served Him faithfully. Even today God provides practical solutions.


"The work of Gottfried Hetzer, which you are about to read, is a book about truth, God’s truth regarding finances, revealed in His Word, the Holy Scriptures! More than 15 years ago God began to introduce Gottfried to His divine view on money. That’s when Gottfried began to study the Bible (OT and NT) most conscientiously, which resulted, in my assessment, in this tremendous prophetic book!


"May the LORD in His mercy grant a paradigm shift in the area of finances. This book certainly shows God’s Road towards it!


"I am grateful to Gottfried for his courage to speak truth, which leads to justice! May God bless you, the reader, through this evocative, and at times extremely unpleasant message and encourage you to act on it!"


Jens Warnholtz, Management Consultant, Certified Sociologist, and Businessman – Wentorf, Hamburg, Germany


"Gottfried Hetzer is one of those rare and treasured individuals, an excellent theologian to whom God has revealed much about His Kingdom, and on how we Christians should be living in Kingdom Revelation, especially in the area of finances. This book is probably the most powerful and important book written on this theme this century. I recommend that all leaders should read and implement these Kingdom truths in their ministries and churches, and then see the changes that will happen in their lives. This is a book to be kept beside your Bible."


Jeff Mills, Final Harvest Ministries – Antigua, Guatemala


"The message that Gottfried Hetzer has, for not only believers, but the world as a whole, is a message of deliverance from the power of Satan, which he exerts in the marketplaces of the world today. As I have sat through his seminars and got to know Gottfried personally I have been struck by the directness with which he delivers God’s Word and the willingness to live out what he preaches. His openness and transparency about his own life is both refreshing and yet challenging to many. It is one thing to speak about living debt free, but another thing to live by it. I have seen him and his family struggle through difficulty and setbacks, yet through it all, remain true to God’s calling on their lives and the message that God entrusted to him. It takes a man of integrity to deliver a message like this. What he teaches is a prophetic call to come out of the kingdom of Satan, and to break free from its traps and deceit. It is a call to start living in the freedom to which Christ has set us free. This book is not just another book about money. It is also not another message about giving, confessing and receiving. It is about a Kingdom which cannot be shaken and how to enter and live by the principles that are required to experience the protection and blessing that God offers to those who will truly be part of His Kingdom. Be prepared to be challenged and convicted as you read, and be willing to make the adjustments needed to walk in the fullness that God has in store for you. I have seen the results in the lives of those who have taken this word seriously, and the dismay on their faces when they realize there is a way out of the mess they are in. This book is the result of years of research and seeking the face of God, and is truly a timely message for our generation."


Francois de Wet, former Businessman, Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship – Pretoria, South Africa


"Gottfried Hetzer’s book deserves acclamation. It combines a thorough Teutonic analysis of our present situation with winsome African lighthearted insightfulness, spelling out the inevitability of a collapse of the monetary system we’re all enslaved to. That is, unless we change our perspective and put God in money’s place at the centre of our lives, taking the money we have gratefully from His hands and as Christ’s stewards returning it to Him to work His will in this world, serving the sick and the poor and seeking and saving the lost."


Dennis Clackworthy, Bridgework Associates – Bad Kissingen, Germany