Finances – A Paradigm Shift

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We live undoubtedly in a time of increasing economic uncertainties and challenges. Worldwide. The financial crises covering and shaking our globe since 2008 brought a new destructive dynamic to a process that so far seemed barely noticeable. Despite year-long efforts and constant assurances, worldwide organizations, politicians, national governments, 'system-relevant' financial institutions and the corporate sector have failed to find real and lasting solutions to stop this dilemma. How could they, considering that our finance system in its current setup is flawed and doomed for destruction and collapse – a fact that an ever so increasing number of economic experts and mathematicians are now confirming publicly. Against this backdrop the quest for sound and sustainable solutions is more than justified.


How much and in what way does the devastating world financial system influence your day-to-day life, decisions, possibilities and opportunities relating to your private and professional context negatively and what are God's answers to and solutions for it?


In seven parts, this book tackles a range of important issues that will help to get a clearer picture of all of this. Part 1 deals with the question whom we truly serve. Part 2 provides a simple, objective, balanced and good understanding of what money really is and how the monetary system of the world works. Part 3 tackles the problems stemming from this system, which thrives on fear, anxiety, worry, pressure, oppression, and injustice, and enslaves people slyly and increasingly. Part 4 deals with the quest for answers to this. Part 5 introduces a paradigm shift on this whole subject of finances, which, in Part 6, is followed by a wide range of biblical principles that should increasingly govern our handling of money. Adherence will loosen the grip of money on our life, revoke our servitude to it, and lead to much greater freedom. Part 7 will therefore deal with the practicalities of God’s road into financial freedom.


So in a way this is a rather comprehensive (reference) book that deals with the financial approach of two diametrical opposed dominions (the world system and the Kingdom of God), if you like. As such it attempts to bring light into today’s struggle of believers, who want to serve God wholeheartedly but find themselves engulfed by all sorts of economic pressures.


This work is a much updated, restructured and extended version of the original 2006 publication.

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