About Me

Profession & Calling

Gottfried Hetzer


Having been employed as Financial Controller by multinational, worldwide acting corporations for 15 years, I quit my professional career in the industry by the end of 1993 in obedience to God's call into a whole new adventure. Not only did my calling evolve and strengthen during its course, but the following 11.5 years also saw my family and I living, serving and working in England, Scotland, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa. Our relocation to Germany in late 2006 resulted in pursuing my calling as a freelance. Since moving to Horsham/UK in mid 2015 I am furthermore CFO/Finance Director of a UK-based worldwide operating company.


In essence, my calling comprises of three components:

  1. TEACHING – Exposing the corrupt and destructive nature of the world’s finance system and showing the biblical answers and alternative through lectures/talks and seminars.
  2. ADVISING – Consulting to organizations, companies, and individuals (in their various roles and capacities) on the biblical spiritual approach to money and economics, assisting them to translate this into day-to-day application.
  3. SERVING – Acting as a spiritual 'compass' and 'soundboard' to others concerning a biblical approach to finances and economical dealings.

Since 1999 I have been pursuing this calling dedicated and in increasing extent in various roles in different nations. Thus far my clientele has been quite diverse as the alphabetical list below shows:

  • AFGRI – Centurion/South Africa
  • BallRacing Developments Ltd. – Broadbridge Heath/England
  • BB Financial Services OHG – Leipzig/Germany
  • Christian Men's Training – Hamburg/Germany
  • Connection Business Solution GmbH – Essen/Germany
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship – Pretoria/South Africa
  • Corrosion Services International – Benoni (Johannesburg)/South Africa
  • Ebenezer Agricultural College – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe
  • Foundations for Farming – Harare/Zimbabwe
  • Free Evangelical Church – Solingen/Germany
  • Fusion Academy – Iserlohn/Germany
  • Greystone Park Fellowship – Harare/Zimbabwe
  • ICAZ (Institute for Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe)
  • ICCC (International Christian Chambers of Commerce) – Germany, England, South Africa
  • Lighthouse Customer Acquisition – Naila/Germany
  • Lightpartner – Ganderkesee/Germany 
  • New Horizons Mozambique Lda – Mozambique
  • Ostrindo Pty. Ltd. – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe 
  • Sondelani Ranching Pvt. Ltd. – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe
  • The Global Native – Leeds/England
  • Turning Matabeleland Green – England, Zimbabwe
  • Various consultations and ongoing economic discussions with bankers, politicians, ministers, members of parliament, and economic advisors of a couple of African nations