About Me

Profession & Calling

Gottfried Hetzer


Having been employed as Financial Controller by multinational, worldwide acting corporations for 15 years, I quit my professional career in the industry by the end of 1993 in obedience to God's call into a whole new adventure. The following 11.5 years saw my family and I living, learning, serving and working in England, Scotland, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa. During that time God's call on my life (understanding and sharing about the much needed paradigm shift in finances and helping with its implementation in day-to-day life) evolved and strengthened. With our relocation to Germany in late 2006 I began pursuing this vocation as a freelance. Since moving to Horsham/UK in mid 2015 I am furthermore CFO/Finance Director of a small but worldwide operating UK-based company.


In essence, God's mandate for me comprises of three components:

  1. TEACHING – Exposing the corrupt and destructive nature of the world’s finance system and showing the biblical answers and alternative through lectures/talks and seminars.
  2. ADVISING – Consulting to organizations, companies, and individuals (in their various roles and capacities) on the biblical spiritual approach to money and economics, assisting them to translate this into day-to-day application.
  3. SERVING – Acting as a spiritual 'compass' and 'soundboard' to others concerning a biblical approach to finances and economical dealings.

Since 1999 I have been pursuing this in various roles in different nations. Thus far my clientele has been quite diverse as the alphabetical list below shows:

  • AFGRI – Centurion/South Africa
  • BallRacing Developments Ltd. – Broadbridge Heath/England
  • BB Financial Services OHG – Leipzig/Germany
  • Christ Centre Itzehoe (CZI) – Itzehoe/Germany
  • Christian Men's Training – Hamburg/Germany
  • Connection Business Solution GmbH – Essen/Germany
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship – Pretoria/South Africa
  • Corrosion Services International – Benoni (Johannesburg)/South Africa
  • Ebenezer Agricultural College – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe
  • Foundations for Farming – Harare/Zimbabwe
  • Free Evangelical Church – Solingen/Germany
  • Fusion Academy – Iserlohn/Germany
  • Greystone Park Fellowship – Harare/Zimbabwe
  • ICAZ (Institute for Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe)
  • ICCC (International Christian Chambers of Commerce) – Germany, England, South Africa
  • Lighthouse Customer Acquisition – Naila/Germany
  • Lightpartner – Ganderkesee/Germany 
  • New Horizons Mozambique Lda – Mozambique
  • Ostrindo Pty. Ltd. – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe 
  • Sondelani Ranching Pvt. Ltd. – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe
  • The Global Native – Leeds/England
  • Turning Matabeleland Green – England, Zimbabwe
  • University Students – Bulawayo/Zimbabwe
  • Various consultations and ongoing economic discussions with bankers, politicians, ministers, members of parliament, and economic advisors of a couple of African nations